Toilet Training a Cat

August 20, 2014

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(EDIT)  I’ve removed all the toilet training videos from YouTube. I’ve realised only a few situations would justify actually teaching a cat to do this. You can read below – but ATM there are no videos available for viewing.


I love cats! And yes, they can be taught things! On my YouTube channels I get thousands, even occasionally – tens of thousands of hits PER DAY for my cat videos. One of my early videos is of my cat ‘Quiz’  using and flushing the toilet! Pretty impressive huh?

I really appreciate people clicking the LIKE button, making COMMENTS and of course SUBSCRIBING. Many of the comments on my original video tell me how smart and cute Quiz and DIDGA are but some people want to know how I trained them to use and flush the toilet. So I decided to make some tutorials. Although I’ll talk briefly here about important stuff to know before starting the toilet training process, you’ll then want to download my APP at your APP STORE. There you will find video tutorials showing you the toilet training process. I also have some tutorials on my YouTube channel, visit CatManToo on YouTube.,

IMPORTANT: Before I talk about the advantages to toilet training, You need to know there are very specific requirements expected of you and your cat.

1. For indoor cats only: if your cat has access to outside (indoor/outdoor cat) they will just “hold it” until they are let outside, actually, if they can’t get outside they would rather go on the floor in your house than in the toilet.

2. You need to see the whole process through with no “breaks” in-between. the whole process can take up to 12 weeks to complete

3. Other factors like your cats breed, age or past experience plays a huge role on the success.  Note: Some breeds will learn much quicker than others.

MORE INFO: There will be set-backs no matter which “cat toilet training” system you follow. For you –  My way is less money but a little more work putting it all together. For the cat, I think my system is better from a learning standpoint and this can be HUGE as it helps your cat to adapt better to water (more about this in the tutorials)

Before you start: You have to make sure your cat doesn’t have any medical problems i.e. bladder infections. If you have just one-toilet in your home, you can share, but it will be an inconvenience. Worth repeating – If you have and indoor/outdoor cat, you will have a very difficult time teaching them to use a human toilet. When a cat has a choice to either dig deep in the sand/dirt or use a human toilet, most cats choose to dig. They will hold it inside, sometimes for days until you let them out. I taught my cats Quiz and Didga to use both places but it took lots of time teaching them. If you’re lucky enough to have a cat that uses the toilet inside and digs in the dirt outside, you have one very adaptable kitty. All age cats can learn but young kittens need to grow a little before being able to physically negotiate the toilet. To help speed things along for young kittens, securely place a  spare toilet seat on their litter box. You may have to make your own kitty litter box from a cardboard box so the seat can be positioned securely. Place the litter box against a wall, up against the toilet, or on the toilet with the lid closed, then use duct tape to attached the top lid part to wall or side of the toilet. You need to make it really stable as cats spook easily and if the seat moves, they may not like the change.

Cats have a different rate of learning and it can take up to 12 weeks to figure out this whole concept, (7 weeks at the very least) If you start the process you’ll want to see it through till your cat is trained.  If you’re successful though, just think how cool that would be.

That’s just a few things, please go to my YouTube channels to watch full video tutorials. TUTORIAL # 1




due to the lack of time answering questions from all of catmatoo’s social media sites, I’m only answering questions on the catmantoo APP. Search your APP STORE for catmantoo – Use the “your wall” page to submit your question. Hope to talk to you soon. Robert & Didga




5 Responses to “Toilet Training a Cat”

  1. Courtney brown on February 17th, 2015 12:14 am

    I love this cat Didga! Question… I found tutorial one but are there more and where might I find them?

  2. Laura on February 27th, 2015 9:52 pm

    Should I send email to separate email address? Here is my issue.

    We are training two cat to use the toilet. It had been going fairly well, although poop ends up outside the toilet. ( Stage they were in: 2-3 weeks with kitty litter in a lasgne-type tray ( similar to the bowl method you suggest ). That is one problem. But now both cats are pooping and peeing elsewhere around the house. I think I know the answer, but should we go back to kitty litter in bit litter box on the floor? ( Yes?).

    Also should we isolate them in the one area of the house – we can in a small hallway and the bathroom.. until they start using the bathroom (either back to a kitty litter box, or keep the pan/litter in the toilet).

    I can give more details if you need the details…

  3. Robert on March 1st, 2015 12:09 am

    Go back to the stage they were doing perfect and you have to move along at the pace of the cat that is not grasping the process as quickly, REALLY watch the video and follow the advice as prescribed, use the things that I use (or as close as possible). sometimes isolating or restricting area is a good idea.

    Also I’m going to update this post and let everyone know, I’m only answering questions that are asked through my CATMANTOO APP search your APP store, use the “your wall” tab to ask your question.

  4. Robert on March 1st, 2015 12:10 am

    HI, there are links to some of the other tutorials located int he description areas of each video. Also I’m going to update this post and let everyone know, I’m only answering questions that are asked through my CATMANTOO APP search your APP store, use the “your wall” tab to ask your question.

    All the best Robert And DIdga

  5. Kamilla on December 7th, 2015 4:53 pm

    she was Ugly so I named her after Elizabeth Taylor!! sister didn’t find that asmniug Lizzie’s marking are almost the same as cat photo’ in link 3 Lizzie is more slender and has more cream and orange plus a very Siamese head which cat in photo’ doesn’t have 4th link has many photo’s of typical cats of Thailand enjoy Comment re reply following mine: Do not buy Science Diet my youngest son has been a manager with them for more than 30 years and he gets pet food free he has never taken advantage of this and feeds his cats Newman’s Own plus Innova. Science Diet got a corner on the market in veterinary practices and the owner of the practice gets a percentage of the profit from sales. We never did this

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